Catholic Daughters of the Americas

      Massachusetts State Court

     Nancy Meehan,                      State Regent

State Regent Nancy Meehan 2019

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       A message from our State Regent:   My Dear CDA Sisters,                       Chaplain's & Spiritual Advisors:  My mission statement for the 2019/2020 term           incorporates many of the same principals of our organization of the Catholic               Daughters mission statement.  My mission statement for the term is:  "Serving           the Lord through our Faith, Actions & Love".

       Faith:  Faith is our religious belief and loyalty to the existence of our Lord.  Our          faith came to us and grew from many sources and different events and times in          our lives.  Mine came from attending church on Sundays and CCD classes, the          Sisters of St. Hoseph in elementary school, but most of all from my role model,          my paternal grandmother who had unwavering streength and faith through many d     difficult times.  Despite her struggles and failings, she always helped others with        a smile on her face and a kind word to say.  Her faith and strength will always remain in me and grows as I experience my own ups and downs and failings throughout my daily life.  She is truly my angel in heaven.

Many of us have similar stories which have all brought us together here today.  One of the goals during my term is to focus on our faith foundation and formaton through our spirituality and prayer.

Actions:  They do say actions speak louder than words; a kind smile, a helping hand, a comforting shoulder or a warm meal; our many raffles, bake sales and other fundraisers and activities all helping our sisters and brothers in need.  Our actions are a reflection of our faith.  Another goal is to focus on our outreach projects and programs to assist those in need and to increase membership and overall visibility of the Catholic Daughters of the Americas in our communities and the State.

Love:  What a wonderful and powerful gift from God!!!  In the words of our Saint Mother Teresa, "It's not about how much you do, but how much love you put into what you do that counts."  We all have different talents and we all have different time constraints in our daily lives; however, together "We can all do small things with great love" and together we can make a difference.

So let us all go forward as Catholic Daughters of the Americas "Serviing the Lord through our Faith, Actions, and Love".

I look forward to ser ving you all as your State Regent.  Thank you and God bless you all!!!

In Unity & Charity,                              

Nancy Meehan, State Regent

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Our Mission Statement:

The Catholic Daughters of the Americas strive to embrace the principle of faith working through love in the promotion of justice, equality, and the advancement of human rights and human dignity for all.

Catholic Daughters of the Americas engages in creative and Spiritual programs which provide its members with the opportunity to develop their special God-given talents in a meaningful way to positively influence the welfare of the Church and all peoples throughout the World. 

Our Motto: Unity and Charity 

Do you feel that you want to do more to help your Church, your community, this beautiful world we live in, but wonder “What can I alone do?”  Alone you can do good things; together we can do GREAT things!  Now is the time to TAKE ACTION!

The Massachusetts Catholic Daughters of the Americas welcomes you with open arms and invites you to explore our website.  Questions?  Please go to the “Contact Us”  page and drop a line to anyone on the State Board.  For more information on CDA at the National level, please click here to go to the National website.

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